Special report: Go-Go Residencies, Amsterdam
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Wednesday, 18 April 2012 23:17
As part of a new series of articles offering first-hand accounts of visits to residency programmes, Art Motile's Toni Subirà will be reporting on Dutch AIR programmes during his stay in Amsterdam with Trans Artists, presenting an overview of the different kinds of residency models the Netherlands has to offer, as well as giving a more personal impression of them.

For his first report, Toni visited Go-Go Residencies at the AWA Gallery in Amsterdam.

Image of AWA Gallery

"Slovak Goodies" by Katarina Janekova + Erik Binder. 24h Go-Go Residency at AWA Gallery.

Overtom 301, or OT301. From the moment I arrived in Amsterdam I started to hear about this address. The building located there was the former film academy of Amsterdam, but it was abandoned and remained empty for years until it was squatted in 1999 by the collective Eerste Hulp Bij Kunst (First Aid for Art), which turned it into a lively cultural center. Today it hosts so many different kinds of events that it is virtually impossible not to visit it sooner or later.

One of the spaces at OT301 is the AWA Gallery, an independent organisation run by artists who challenge themselves and other artists from around the world with its residency programme: the Go-Go Project.

AWA’s previous incarnation was named The Beehive Experiment, a laboratory for creation and free exhibition space where participating artists could show their artwork every two weeks over a period of six months.

Image of AWA Gallery

Linea Aspera (UK) concert at OT301.

Since its beginning, AWA has rejected the idea of curating its exhibitions but functions instead as a mediator, enhancing communication between artists and helping to form a network among Amsterdam's visual arts scene, generating both audiences and participants.

The Go-Go Project started as a 24-hour residency where artists are invited to make a new site-specific work in the time and space given. Every Monday at 17:00 an artist occupies the AWA gallery and on Tuesday at 19:00 the gallery is opened to the public to view the new artwork.

From this month however, AWA have new and brisk challenges, especially with their new Go-Go 301 residency programme, a two-week (301 hour) experience creating and living in the art space. After this intensive period, the artist will show the artwork developed in the gallery. For this residency, AWA is currently asking for a contribution of €350 from the resident artist which covers fourteen days' stay, work and exhibition space, a small living space with cooking facilities, free (vegan) dinner four days a week at the Pepper restaurant located in the building, “a real Amsterdam bike” and an all-inclusive wrist band for free access to parties and cinema in OT301.

Image of Go-Go 301 residency

Accommodation for artists-in-residence at the AWA Gallery.

My first time in the gallery, for an opening of the 24-hour residency, I had the chance to talk a little with the organisers and see the gallery and the residential space. It's run by five forward-looking people who until now have been developing the initiative with no grants, no partners, and only their own resources and a small bar to keep it alive. Now with the two-week residence they’re starting to raise more funds, although the collective is still working as a non-profit organisation.

The atmosphere in the AWA Gallery is both casual and integrated with the rest of the activities that take place in OT301. So, if you're at an opening, you can also enjoy the other activities and facilities in the building, such as workshops and conferences, video screenings, or some impressive improvised jam sessions in the smoking room, all while you sip your beer.

This informal environment gives the art space a fresh character that makes it accesible to the public without losing any of the intellectual value of its content.

So, if you’re going to Amsterdam or wish to apply to an art residency with these characteristics, this may be worth a consideration. As they state on their website: “During the weekend there are often performances, bands and parties in the big studios of the OT301 building, this can be quite noisy but also very interesting. So if the resident artists are looking for a quiet hide away, the Go-Go 301 residency might not be what they are looking for, but if they are looking to find open, interesting, vibrant people this is the place to be.”

Forewarned is forearmed.

Image of AWA Gallery

"Who is your soulmate?", performance by by Marija Gajic (Serbia).

More Info:

Visit the website of Artists With Attitude: The Go-Go Projects here: http://gogoproject.weebly.com/index.html

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