Conexiones Improbables 2012 international call for artists and social scientists
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Monday, 18 June 2012 11:26
Conexiones Improbables aims to bring together artists and social researchers of all backgrounds, ages and disciplines, with managers of research and development from businesses and organisations located in the Basque country.

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The call is looking for participation from artists and social researchers interested in working with the interaction between different social and cultural systems, and projects that promote teamwork.

The proposed collaborative projects will take place in the following sequence:

PHASE 1: companies or entities propose a research field that deals with strategies, concepts, materials, technologies, methodologies, processes or organisational models.

PHASE 2: artists or social researcher submit proposals to the open call, proposing a maximum of two drafts of collaboration (which may be submitted to three different entities maximum) based on predefined fields in Phase 1.

PHASE 3: each selected artist or social researcher agrees with the host entity to define the content of the research project, an indication of the result expected, a work schedule and the estimated costs and means (both internal and external) for the project.

Organisations and artists / social researchers can work together on their projects for a maximum duration of nine months between September 2012 and June 2013.

During the period of collaboration (between February 25th and March 10th 2013), OpenLabs will be organised in Sala Rekalde and BilbaoArte for entities located in Bizkaia (province of Bilbao), in the Museo San Telmo for entities located in Gipuzkoa (province of Donostia-San Sebastian) and at the Artium Museum for those located in Vitoria-Gasteiz. The aim of these OpenLabs is to put the ongoing research in the context of specific audiences and/or the general public.

The artists or social researchers undertake to be present:

• On September 12, 2012 for the first session of methodology to gather all participants in the 2012 edition of Conexiones Improbables.
• On January 15, 2013 for the second session of methodology.
• On June 11, 2013 for the closing session of the 2012 edition.
• At the time agreed with the host entity, committing to be present for at least twenty working days (not necessarily consecutively).
• At the time agreed between the company and the organisation of Conexiones Improbables to organise and conduct the OpenLabs.

Each artist and social researcher or group of artists and social researchers selected will receive a minimum of €12,000 (separate indirect taxes). This amount covers fees for work performed, travel expenses, accommodation and subsistence, in addition to profits that may arise from the host entity from commercial exploitation of the project, which will be agreed for each case.

The costs that may be generated in the development of research (including the costs incurred by the organisation of the OpenLabs), those associated with external companies and suppliers, and expenses of employees of the host entity and internal materials used will be assumed by the host entity by prior arrangement. The host organisation will always retain the final decision whether or not to accept an expense linked to the research.

Companies and organisations will be selected after an open call.

Participating in the 2012 edition are:

• Production or service companies: Artepan, Uvesco Group, Orbea and Silam;
• Social organisations: EDE Fundazioa, Eraikune (Cluster of building Euskadi), and Oiz Egin.

The selection of artists and social researchers will be made from the applications presented, by a jury consisting of Amador Fernández-Savater (editor), Maria Ptqk (cultural researcher), Pedro Soler (curator and freelance writer), and Conexiones Improbables co-ordinator, Arantxa Mendiharat. The host organisation will make the final decision.


June 25th 2012.

More Info:

More information about the call and the application process can be found here:

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