Bilbao Arte

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Bilbao (Vizcaya), Basque Country, Spain.

E-MAIL: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
ADDRESS: Urazurrutia, 32, 48003 Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain.
TELEPHONE: (0034) 94 415 50 97.
FAX: (0034) 94 415 61 93.
DISCIPLINES: Visual art.


Bilbao Arte is an artistic production centre belonging to the Culture Department of Bilbao City Council. It provides young creators with the means and infrastructure required to develop their artistic ideas, such as studio spaces, engraving and silkscreening workshops, digital imaging, sculpture, photography, a film set, a documentation centre and projection rooms.

Since it opened in 1998, it has been focused on the development of the following programmes and activities:

Grants for the development of artistic projects.
Courses, seminars and conferences involving consolidated and prestigious international creators.
Exhibitions by young creators and open days.
Artist exchanges with other artistic centres.
Exhibitions of artistic proposals in various European countries.
Artistic advice for the development of institutional projects.

The main aim of Bilbao Arte is to encourage outstanding professionalism among young creators, by achieving high technical levels and making available modern tools for artistic practices within the art community. The centre therefore offers ideal working conditions for young artists to be able to develop their creative work with all the means necessary for modern artistic practice. In short, it is a creation space for art.

Images of Bilbao Arte residency


In terms of its facilities, Bilbao Arte has a usable surface area of approximately 3,500m², divided into four floors, as well as a loading and unloading area, and the following facilities:

An exhibition room equipped for any artistic intervention, from the most classic proposals to the setting up of installations, projections, performances, etc.
Twelve studio spaces that are rented for the development of artistic projects.
Photography, sculpture, printing, silkscreening and new technology workshops, as well as a film set. These workshops are provided with all the equipment and facilities needed for artistic practice. They also have specialised personnel in charge of providing information for users and guaranteeing the correct use of the infrastructures.
A conference room.
Rooms for the practical creation of projects.
A library / cafeteria, including a constantly updated magazine collection and numerous publications and catalogues dealing with various artistic disciplines. Library users can use the internet, watch videos, consult the daily press and find information about competitions, grants and other artistic or cultural activities both nationally and internationally.

Studios: The studio spaces provide artists with the infrastructure they need to make a specific project. They can be available for individual or collective use. Altogether, there are twelve studios for artists to work in. They are available to selected artists for a maximum of twelve months. Access to these spaces also entails access to the Centre’s workshops and as such, the resources and advice of the professors in charge of the workshops.

Additionally, by means of an agreement with the Centre, private companies in Bilbao provide scholarships for the artists with a grant allowing them to buy the materials they need. Upon finishing the project, the artist leaves a work for the collection of Bilbao Town Council.

Access / Artists with families: The residency does not provide information regarding accommodation for artists with reduced mobility and those with families.

Images of Bilbao Arte residency


Duration of stays: Between six months and one year.

Cost: Subsidised.

Selection Procedure: One open call every year. Check their website for more information.


Bilbao Arte maintains stable collaborative relationships with other European and American art production centres, which allow the resident artists of the Centre to develop their projects in other institutions for a period of approximately two months, while encountering various cultures and making contact with the various agents that participate in the exchanges.

Bilbao Arte covers expenses relating to transport, accommodation, stay, and expendable materials necessary for the development of artists’ projects, while participating in its exchange programs.

Some of the institutions with which Bilbao Arte maintains exchange programmes include The Dublin Technological Institute; The One Academy of Communication Design of Malaysia; The Centro de Producción Gráfica de San Luis Potosí; The Secretaría de Estado de Morelia, Mexico; and The Rogaland Art Centre of Stavanger.

Images of Bilbao Arte residency

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