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Asturias, Spain.

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ADDRESS: Camín de Fonfría, 85 Trubia, Cenero 33393 Gijon, Asturias, Spain.
TELEPHONE: (0034) 985 167 898.
DISCIPLINES: Sculpture, photography, video, drawing and painting, textile art, new media, critics and curators, literature, sound.


PACA (Proyectos Artisticos Casa Antonino) is a multi-annual international AIR programme that has been developed in Casa Antonino, a country house located in the small village of Trubia, Cenero (a rural area of ​​the municipality of Gijón). At the base of the project and also as a thread running through the different residencies is the realisation of artistic experiences that promote relations with the community, the territory and its history.

The different modes of artistic residency organised by PACA provide allow for site-specific interventions in different areas of the house and its surroundings, creating a dialogue with the context so that artistic practice, research and experimentation, in addition to having aesthetic and poetic content, generate new ways of understanding the territory in which they operate, through cultural, environmental and social values.

The project is collaborative and through workshops, lectures, meetings, observations and walks, as well as living in Casa Antonino, relationships between participants are woven and knowledge is exchanged. Artists contextualise their work, bring new visions, and establish relations with the local community, generating mutual enrichment.

The residency programme looks to create a national and international network that facilitates the dissemination and exchange of information, the visibility of the art projects created there and the economic sustainability of these projects through sourcing financing. It is open to artists, curators and researchers, and some of the residencies are designed as learning processes, including interdisciplinary seminars and meetings to complete the training of young artists.

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Casa Antonino is a country house located in Trubia, a small rural town located in the parish of Cenero in Gijón, Asturias, a hilly and agricultural area in Embalse de San Andrés de los Tacones. The landscape has undergone major changes over the past 60 years due to industrialisation and the growth of ​​the city of Gijón. The farmhouses that still dot the landscape of this area have declined in importance; while some remain specialised in dairy production and most of the neighbours are still farmers, many have been abandoned, with other plots occupied by weekend villas, and the population has aged. The countryside is characterised by land for pasture (goats, cows and sheep mainly); streams, fountains and wash houses; granaries, orchards and forests. This is in close proximity to the city resulting in a hybrid landscape modified by increasing industrialisation (the steel industry, a hydroelectric dam, new parks, possible new roads), and one which is still evolving. For this reason, environmental issues and observation and analysis of the landscape (as seen from within the house), form part of the programme of action and activities of PACA, and are key concerns.

Trubia is located near major population centres; tourist and cultural attractions include Gijón (15 minutes by city bus), Oviedo and Avilés. It is a small rural town which nonetheless is well connected by roads and highways with the main cities of the Principality, allowing easy access to activities and infrastructure of the city.

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Accommodation: PACA consists of several spaces: housing (the house); a granary (traditional Asturian architecture and furniture, a multifunctional space); studios (in an old stable and barn); a winery and outbuildings; a well and washroom; and a 10,000m² estate with gardens and an orchard. Resident artists stay in the house (120m²) which has four bedrooms and toilets on the first floor and common areas (living room and kitchen) on the ground floor.

Studios: The studio space is located in the old stables and barn. There is a 100m² studio on the ground floor and an library on the first floor. Since the residencies favour relationships with the land, the estate of PACA is also seen as a work space, as well as the granary and other external spaces close to PACA, in agreement with neighbouring or related institutions.

The studio is equipped with a projector, computer, dark room equipped for analogue photography, digital recorders, various tools and machinery (grinding wheel, welder, tools, hot plate). In addition there is an extensive library on contemporary art, Asturian landscape and culture, and environmental art.

Access / Artists with families: The residence welcomes artists with families but is not equipped to accommodate artists with reduced mobility.

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Duration of stays: From ten days to two months.

Cost: Determined according to the open call.

Grants: The residence only offers scholarships with some calls. Consult the rules for the open call.

Selection Procedure: By open call and by invitation. Portfolio / submitted proposal, letter of motivation and artistic career are all evaluated. The selection committee consists of an international and interdisciplinary team of artists, curators and art critics. Its composition varies according to each call; their names are published in the call and on PACA's website.

Languages: Spanish and English.

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PACA started their residency programme in January 2014, and in their first year collaborated with the JUSTRESIDENCE programme, curated by Andrea Pacheco for the JUSTMAD Emerging Art Fair in Madrid.

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