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Barcelona, Spain.

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ADDRESS: C/ Valencia 72 4-3 08015 Barcelona, Spain.
TELEPHONE: (0034) 687 833 367.
DISCIPLINES: Drawing and painting, photography, sculpture, new media, critics and curators.


BAR Project is an independent and mobile non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting artistic exchange through local, national and international residencies and collaborations, and by developing a public programme based on curatorial and research projects. The project's name derives from one of the quintessential social gathering places in Barcelona cultural life, the bar, a space the project aims to re-contextualise.

BAR Project is a curatorial collective, initiated by independent curators Juan Canela, Andrea Rodriguez Novoa and Veronica Valentini, which seeks to promote new relationships and ways of working. Through its various projects, BAR’s research process aims to highlight relevant topics related to current political, social and economic contexts.

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Their international residency programme brings like-minded artists and curators to Barcelona in order to open the local scene to an international context while connecting artists and agents from a critical and independent perspective.

BAR's residency programme works on an invitation basis and welcomes international artists and curators to Barcelona for varying periods of time and for different types of residencies. The concept of hospitality is the driving force behind the project. Working without their own venue, the residency programme operates in collaboration with different partners, who provide BAR’s residents with an apartment in the Eixample area of Barcelona; workshops located in the production centre Fabra i Coats; and with material and economic aid. Furthermore, different art centres within the city – both institutional and independent – as well as a variety of agents from the local artistic scene, participate in the programmes’s activities and visits.

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There are two types of residencies:

Residencies for Artists: Three month residencies are offered to up to three artists or artist groups who are invited to develop a specific project related to the city of Barcelona. The residency places a special emphasis on the exchange with the local scene produced through artist presentations, studio visits, and public events. At the end of each residency there is a public presentation of the artworks that have been produced in a space selected according to the parameters of the particular project.

Residencies for Curators: Short term residencies are offered to three or four curators for between five and ten days, during which time the participants have the possibility of meeting artists and other culture professionals and institutions in Barcelona. The selected curators are presented with a programme that is organised according to their research interests, so that they may learn about the artistic and cultural situation in the city. For long term residencies, curators are invited to develop a project in collaboration with BAR’s curatorial team, which BAR sees as a way to further develop their residency programme while establishing contacts for future collaborations.

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Accommodation: Accommodation for residents is provided in an apartment in the Eixample district of Barcelona. The apartment has four bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, two bathrooms and a balcony. Wi-fi access, bedding and kitchen utensils are all provided.

Studios: Studios for artists are located in the art production centre Fabra i Coats. For more information about studio arrangements, please contact the programme directly. Curators are not offered a separate working space.

Access / Artists with families: Artists with reduced mobility are welcome, however families are not permitted.

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Duration of stays: Long term residencies are for up to three months, while short term visits are for between five and ten days.

Cost: Costs are covered by the programme. For artist residencies, this includes transport, accommodation, studio and food expenses, and also includes a production budget. For curatorial residencies accommodation and travel expenses are covered. Longer curatorial residencies also include a production budget.

Selection Procedure: By invitation, with residents selected by the three members of BAR Project. Artists are invited to develop a complete work in situ, with the invitation based on the artist's previous work. Artists of all stages in their career are considered, but the work produced must relate to the specific context of Barcelona. Curators are selected according to the strands of their previous work as it relates to Barcelona, how they will match or contrast with the curators at BAR, as well as their professional relevance in the current international art scene.

Languages: Spanish, French and English.

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