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Madrid, Spain.

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ADDRESS: Apartado de Correos 18139, 28080 Madrid, Spain.
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DISCIPLINES: All artistic disciplines.


Campo Adentro is a project exploring territories, geopolitics, culture and identity in the context of the relations between urban and rural environments as they exist in Spain today. The aim of Campo Adentro's residency programme is to allow for creative investment in rural issues, encouraging artists to reconsider rural environments, and for rural communities to provide resources for self expression and cultural generation. The project provides artists, farmers, intellectuals, rural development agents, policy makers, curators and art critics, among others, with an open platform for presenting their research and practice.

The programme is primarily focused on Spain, but is also interested in cultural and political debates in other European countries around the relationships between country, city, art and sustainability.

The current debate on regional imbalances, the transformation of the landscape and the environment, and the economic crisis has led this discussion into new dimensions, resulting in the formulation of a multi-layered critique by means of artistic experimentation. The project offers the chance to analyse current perceptions and representations of rural life and how these influence the construction of identity. Its aim is also to provide an interpretation of rural life that highlights the threats and opportunities that exist in the Spanish countryside from the standpoint of contemporary culture.

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The residencies are conducted at one of ten different locations around Spain (see the Campo Adentro site for a full list of residencies participating here). Artists have a local person of reference provided by Campo Adentro as a link to the region, who will accompany the artist and introduce them to the key issues of that particular environment. They also have assistance from the Artistic Advisory Committee of Campo Adentro for the development and communication of the artist's project, including a local exhibition held in Campo Adentro.

Campo Adentro offers two possibilities for projects: in-residence projects and completed projects which may have been previously exhibited but are related to the areas of interest of the programme. Artists who are competing under this second option do not participate in the residency programme, but their work is included in the database of works and projects on the Campo Adentro website.

During the period of residence, the artist will immerse themselves in the given context and produce a work in relation to it, to be exhibited publicly at the end of the residency with a presentation and final publication, as well as on the Campo Adentro website.

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Due to the nature of how Campo Adentro works, with artists going to a variety of different locations around Spain, the facilities and conditions for work vary from place to place. Campo Adentro's website has information on participating residencies here and it is recommended to contact them directly for more information.


Duration of stays: A minimum of three weeks and a maximum of two months.

Cost: Selected artists will have a maximum budget of €4,000 (tax included) for the production of their work. In addition, artists who are residents at Campo Adentro locations will have the cost of accommodation covered by the programme. For their daily expenses during the residency, artists will have additional support of €25 per day, (the total sum will depend on the time they spend in residence). Artists are responsible for their own transportation costs to the residency and their health insurance.

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Selection Procedure: Campo Adentro artist residencies are developed as follows:

By a public call in which artists can propose the residence directly related to their project or choose from a list of locations selected through a joint process with Platforma Rural, seeking a maximum diversity of locations and cases.

By invitation, based on their background and previous work, and on the advice of the curatorial team and members of the jury, along with the permanent Campo Adentro team itself.

Art projects should prioritise the connection with the proposed work environment, with local audiences and, as far as possible, the inclusion of local stakeholders in the creative process. They must also have a sound conceptual justification in terms of content and formal proposal in relation to the current context of contemporary art.

Both individual artists and groups are welcomed. A fluent command of Spanish is necessary.

The projects presented are measured in terms of the professionalism of the applicant; the involvement of other professionals; interaction during the process or the result of the residence with the social environment where it takes place; whether it has its own means of funding or requires additional support for its implementation.

A jury of distinguished professionals of contemporary art is in charge of selecting the artists in the public call. At other times, the curatorial team members, the jury, and the permanent team at Campo Adentro itself are responsible for selecting artists and projects.

Languages: Spanish and English.

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