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Madrid, Spain.

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ADDRESS: C/ Atocha 91 Hablar en Arte, Madrid 28012, Spain.
TELEPHONE: (0034) 913 080 049.
DISCIPLINES: Research, criticism and curating.


Curators’ Network is an online platform where emerging European cultural agents can connect and collaborate. A pan-European network, it consists of five cultural non-profit organizations from five different countries: Studio of Young Artists Association, Budapest (Hungary); Foundation for Visual Arts, Krakow (Poland); Brukenthal National Museum, Sibiu (Romania); Exnergasse Kunsthalle, Vienna (Austria) and Hablar en Arte, Madrid, (Spain).

The network was created to help art professionals from across Europe share their knowledge, while encouraging international collaboration between European organisations and curators and promoting new artists in European circles.

Each member of the Curators’ Network invites network participants and other art professionals to discover the emerging cultural scene of their country in situ. Special emphasis is placed on artists, agents and organisations that are still relatively unknown abroad but whose work is of sufficient quality and interest to be introduced to international circles. Each meeting is divided into three segments:

A portfolio review of selected artists from the host country;
Talks and informal presentations in which artists, curators and organisations present a project for which they are seeking collaborators;
A tour of the most dynamic venues in the city hosting the event.

While in Spain, residents are accompanied and supported by local curators and cultural managers in discovering and connecting with artists and cultural workers for future projects. The residencies consist of cultural tours and visits to contemporary Spanish artists' studios in Madrid, workshops, and other activities designed to meet the specific project needs of each resident. All participants in the project are included in a database of European cultural agents, in order to foster partnerships and other international collaborations.

Hablar en Arte, the entity that organises the Spanish chapter of Curators' Network, collaborates with several entities in Madrid for the residencies, including Matadero and FelipaManuela (you can read about Matadero in Art Motile's AIR Database here and about FelipaMeanuela here).

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Accommodation: The residence flat in Matadero Madrid is on Calle Bolivar, in the district of Legazpi / Arganzuela, south of downtown Madrid. It is 500 metres from Matadero Madrid and 1,500 metres from the central train station of Atocha. FelipaManuela also has accommodation, and is 1km from Matadero Madrid and a similar distance from Atocha train station.

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Studios: No studio is provided, since the residence is based on field research.

Access / Artists with families: The programme does not provide information on artists with reduced mobility or those travelling with families, but suggests contacting the organisers directly.

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Duration of stays: Three weeks.

Cost: The residency covers the cost of the following: accommodation; the resident's journey (round-trip flight to a maximum of €400); resident's fees; and €500 for maintenance and local transport. Residents must pay for their own insurance.

Selection Procedure: Selection is by open call, usually in May. Each participant must submit the following documents: a brief biography (700 characters max.); a project summary and a description of what the interests of the applicant would be during their residency (700 characters max.); a project proposal in PDF format (max. 2.5 Mb); a PDF detailing previous projects (max. 2.5 Mb); and documents proving the feasibility of the project (eg, letters of confirmation of the entities or persons involved, institutional support, space, sponsorships, etc.), which should be scanned jpgs totalling no more than 0.5 Mb. All texts and documents must be submitted in English.

Selection is based on the quality of the projects submitted and the applicant's profile. Applicants from Europe are of particular interest.

Languages: Spanish, English, French and German.


While Curators' Network is itself a network, it is also a part of Resartis.

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