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Arenys de Munt, Barcelona, Spain.

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ADDRESS: Carrer Ramon Llull 1, Urbanització Aiguaviva 08358, Arenys de Munt, Barcelona, Spain.
TELEPHONE: (0034) 937 938 397 or (0034) 678 420 779
DISCIPLINES: Art Print Residence specialises in engraving and woodcut but is open to artists from other disciplines such as writing, music, design, and illustration.


Art Print Residence is a professional printmaking studio specialising in intaglio printmaking. Founded by the owners and operators of Murtra Edicions, they have been working with and printing for artists since 1991, creating plates and printing editions and special collections. In addition to teaching courses and presenting seminars, they publish prints, artists’ portfolios and books for individual artists as well as publishers, museums, galleries and private companies.

The programme invites visual artists, writers and poets and provides them with accommodation and workshop space. Between October and June they also offer a regular programme of courses on engraving in addition to specialised workshops on various techniques.

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Art Print is located in a house in Arenys de Munt, approximately 30 minutes from Barcelona and 45 minutes from Girona by car. Arenys de Mar, the adjoining seaside town, is within walking distance and provides local transport to Barcelona. Local commuter trains travel regularly to and from Barcelona, on their north/south route along the coast, passing through Arenys de Munt towards Figueres and back.

Arenys de Munt is in the Maresme region, which extends from the Barcelona coast up to the Costa Brava. This region is graced with beautiful beaches, excellent hiking and is rich with local culture.

The residence is five minutes from the Arenys de Munt and Arenys beaches, and is close to the Palau and Fabra Foundation, which houses a collection of artworks by Picasso and Perejaume, among other artists. There are walking routes in natural parks such as Montnegre-Corredor and Montseny.

The studio location offers the convenience of being close to the city while enjoying the calm countryside.

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The living space, the residency and the studio are housed on three separate floors of the building. The house is surrounded by a small garden, where you can find several special but shy turtles.

Accommodation: A fully equipped private apartment, including:

Four en-suite bedrooms, two with double beds and two with single beds. Two of the rooms have balconies overlooking the sea, while the third faces the mountains. All rooms have their own set of keys and have wi-fi access.

Two bathrooms; a kitchen, living room and private patio for the residents to use. The hosts clean towels and sheets once a week, to be environmentally friendly.

Studios: The workshop is located on the ground floor of the house. In addition to the approximately 150m² of working space, there is also an outside working space of 80m². This garden area can be used when the weather is suitable. One of the studio's main features is the natural light, with twelve linear metres of south-facing windows.

The workshop is divided into several specific work areas: the plate-making area; the artists' workspace, with a large table and several tables outside; a mechanic workshop with a wide variety of saws, milling machines, guillotines, flexible shafts, drills, and a set of electrical tools. Artists are able to work with metal materials (copper, iron) as well as with plastic and wood.

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Work Facilities:

The studio can accommodate copper plates up to a maximum size of 100 x 200cm.

The aquatint area has an asphaltum box for plates up to 100 x 100cm and an asphaltum oven for plates up to 70 x 80cm. There is an array of sprays, aerographs, sand or high pressure water also available for use.

Acid baths: The well-ventilated space dedicated to mordants (ferric chloride) has sinks of different sizes, including a large one for plates up to 80 x 200cm. There is a table for cleaning plates (with a high pressure hose if needed).

Area for Photogravure: The workshop is equipped to make photo-etching with copper plates on photo polymer emulsion film or directly over photo polymers. They have a pneumatic insulation vacuum machine for plates up to 120 x 120cm.

Printing and Paper: There is a glass table measuring 80 x 120cm; a table for inking measuring 80 x 200cm; two hot plates measuring 80 x 100 cm; an extractor to clean plates; a water tray of 100 x 240cm to moisten paper for printing; and a 50 x 50cm vertical press.

There are three motorised presses with the following bed sizes: Gea Jalon 70 x 150cm; Ribes 80 x 170cm; Ribes 130 x 240cm.

The paper preparation and post-production area has a table measuring 240 x 210cm, and a paper/board-cutting machine for paper up to 120 x 120cm. In this area it is possible to hand cut paper for printing and work in bookbinding. There is also an area dedicated to dry prints in blotting papers up to 80 x 120cm and 130 x 240cm.

The studio prints with high quality papers from Hanhemüle, Velin d'Arches, Rives BFK and Somerset.

Medialab: Equipped with a Mac G5, including software for image editing; a printer, scanner and copier.

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Depending on the artist’s work, the studio can offer the following technical support:

Techniques: Direct intaglio techniques (help with etching plates, spit biting, aquatints etc); Drypoint, mezzotint, direct work on the plate with flexible shaft, drills to scrape, polish, and draw on the plate, etc.

Indirect intaglio techniques: Positive etching with wax, inks, pastels, etc.; negative etching with wax, inks, pastels, etc; etching with solvent ground, oils, etc.; and positive and negative relief etching. Aquatint with rosin or asphalt; positive and negative aquatint, sugar aquatint; lavis aquatint; acid aquatint; sulphur aquatint; toner aquatint; lithographic ink aquatint; with asphalt; with alcohol; with water; with solvent and white ground aquatint. Soft ground.

Photo-etching: Using new digital and analog technologies the residency offers the possibility to add either digital or photographic text and pictures. They currently use transfers of digitally manipulated material or photocopies over metallic surfaces, photopolymer emulsion in film over metallic surfaces and photopolymer plates.

Access / Artists with families: The residency states that they cannot provide access for artists with reduced mobility, but they do welcome those coming with families.

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Duration of stays: A minimum of one week, up to three months, with the possibility of extending depending on availability.

Cost: Cost varies depending on the project, but rates are available on their website, and you can contact the programme directly for more information.

Grants: None.

Selection Procedure: Applications can be made via their website. There is an annual open call, with priority given to engraving and woodcutting projects. Jordi Rosés and Clàudia Lloret comprise the selection committee.

Languages: Catalan, Spanish, English, French, Italian.


Art Print Residence is a member of the networks Xarxaprod and Res Artis.

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